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Daily Menu

Saturday, April 19th

 Menu subject to change


Today’s Soups:      Bowl $4.59      Cup $3.25
Beet with Cumin Spiced Yogurt:  A brilliant combination of bright, tangy, earthy flavors and color – and oh, so satisfying!

Sopa de Tambo: A light Ecuadorian soup with fresh fish, spinach and yucca root.

Featured Specialty Sandwiches:

Minneapple Melt $6.49
Scandinavian lingonberries, creamy brie, tender turkey and crisp apples, with a splash of vodka for good measure.

Grilled Reuben $7.49
The classic sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut grilled on a variety of breads.

Jersey Shore $7.99
Ham, salami, mozzarella, and pickled giardiniera piled on a crusty baguette.

The Franklin $7.29
Bacon and fig grilled cheese sandwich. Sweet and salty, our favorite combination.

Cuban Panini  $7.99
Featuring roast pork loin, Black Forest Ham, and provolone, with bread and butter pickles, all on sourdough bread.

Ficelle  $4.49
Thin crisp baguette with sweet, organic butter and varied salumi. Simply perfect!

Peter Piper Turkey Brie  $6.99
Turkey breast, French Brie, and pickled peppers—simply delicious!

Gluten free sandwiches available ($1.50 additional) with
2 hour notice—whole sandwiches only. Please call 612.379.9757 to place order.

Featured Salads:
Fresh Fruit Salad  $3.49 per ½ lb.
Grilled Chicken Breasts $4.95 per ½ lb.
Szechuan Chicken Salad $4.49 per ½ lb.
Chicken Waldorf Salad $4.99 per ½ lb.
Organic Egg, Salad $2.59 per ½ lb.
Coleslaw    $1.99 per ½ lb.
Classic Potato Salad $2.49 per ½ lb.
Curried Cashew Chicken Salad  $4.49 per ½ lb.
Garlic Chile Baby Bok Choy   $2.99 per ½ lb.
Potato Gratin  $3.49 per ½ lb.
Thai Chicken Salad $3.49 per ½ lb.
Kale & Feta Salad  $7.99 per ½ lb.
Carrot Beet Quinoa Salad $3.19 per ½ lb.
Petit Choux  $6.99 per ½ lb.
Mediterranean Couscous $2.99 per ½ lb.
Beet, Dill & Chevre Salad $3.29 per ½ lb.
Smoked Turkey Parma Pasta  $3.49 per ½ lb.
Antipasto   $4.69 per ½ lb.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts $4.69 per ½ lb.
Kung Pao Tofu  $4.99 per ½ lb.


Today’s Quiche $2.50 per slice
With ham, leek and Gruyere.

Featured Fresh Greens: $6.49 per ½ lb.
Fresh organic spring greens, Chevre, blueberries, and toasted almonds, with a balsamic or lemon vinaigrette.

Featured Cheese: Fleur Verte $28.99
A fresh goat cheese encrusted with aromatic herbs: tarragon, thyme, and pink peppercorns.

Featured Dessert: Carrot Cake $3.99

Dinner To Go: Leg of Lamb  $13.99 per ½ lb.
Roasted leg of lamb with fresh spring herbs.

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