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Daily Menu

Monday, July 28th

Menu subject to change.


Today’s Soups:      Bowl $4.59      Cup $3.25
Curried Sweet Potato: This vegan African-inspired soup is made with sweet potato, curry, coconut milk and cilantro.
Mexican Wedding Soup: Our version has chicken, tomatoes, jalapenos, and lots of fresh herbs.

Featured Specialty Sandwiches:

Heirloom Caprese Sandwich $6.99
Fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto, heirloom tomatoes, and arugula on focaccia.

Croque Monsieur $5.99
A traditional French café sandwich made with Jambon Francais and Swiss Gruyere cheese, served with cornichon and Dijon mustard.

Chicken-Avocado BLT $7.49
Our three favorite ingredients: bacon, avocado, and chicken with peppery arugula. Yum!

The Fun Guy $7.99
If you love mushrooms, this one’s for you! With arugula and truffle pecorino, too.

The Amarillo   $6.99
Pepper turkey, pepper jack cheese, roma tomatoes, lettuce, sliced avocado and garlic aioli on a baguette.

The Fargo $6.99
Smoked turkey with Gouda, and a perky cranberry-horseradish sauce and greens on a variety of bread.

Ficelle  $4.49
Thin crisp baguette with sweet, organic butter and varied salumi. This is the perfect picnic sandwich!

Gluten free sandwiches available ($1.50 additional) with 2 hour notice—whole sandwiches only. Please call 612.379.9757 to place order.

Featured Salads:
Fresh Fruit Salad  $3.49 per ½ lb.
Szechuan Chicken Salad $4.49 per ½ lb.
Grilled Chicken Breasts $4.95 per ½ lb.
Curried Cashew Chicken Salad  $4.49 per ½ lb.
Garlic Chile Baby Bok Choy   $3.99 per ½ lb.
Stir-Fried Garlicky Greens  $4.99 per ½ lb.
Quinoa Tabouli  $1.99 per ½ lb.
Spicy Sesame Broccolini   $5.49 per ½ lb.
Bulghur Eggplant Salad $4.69 per ½ lb.
Vegetarian Antipasto  $2.69 per ½ lb.
Southwest Black Beans $1.99 per ½ lb.
Green Olive Chicken Salad  $6.49 per ½ lb.
Smoked Turkey Parma Pasta  $3.49 per ½ lb.
White Bean & Fennel Salad  $2.99 per ½ lb.
Chicken Waldorf Salad $4.99 per ½ lb.
Organic Egg, Salad $2.59 per ½ lb.
Harissa Roasted Squash $4.99 per ½ lb.
Ginger Sesame Beets $2.89 per ½ lb.
French Potato Salad $2.49 per ½ lb.
Kale & Feta Salad  $7.99 per ½ lb.

Featured Fresh Greens:
 $6.49 per ½ lb.
Fresh organic spring greens, Miti Bleu, strawberries, and sunflower seeds, with a lemon or balsamic vinaigrette.

Featured Cheese: Rosemary Manchego  $16.99
This medium-aged Manchego is made distinct by the addition of fresh rosemary throughout the interior for an herbaceous, savory flavor. This pairs surprisingly well with both red and white wines and is also wonderful with fruit, honey, and marcona almonds.

Featured Dessert: Chocolate Cream Tart $3.99

Dinner To Go: Spicy Chicken Wings  $4.99 per ½ lb.
Pair with Piattelli Torrontes: These spicy chicken wings will delight your taste buds when paired with this Argentine white wine of the Torrontes grape. A light spice tone to the dry wine finishes with a soft sweet note. Great combination of food and wine. Enjoy the colorful fireworks of flavors you’ll have on your luncheon table!

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